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Korcula to Split

Getting from Korcula to Split involves just a couple of options – you can get there by fast passenger direct ferry crossings, bus, taxi, water taxi, or private transfer. The distance from Korcula to Split is 170 km. There are no direct flights between Korcula and Split, and no train connections.

How to get from Korcula to Split

Driving from Korcula to Split (Car Ferry)

If you are traveling by car, you can take a direct car ferry from Vela Luka to Split. There are two daily car ferries sailing all year round. The alternative is a car ferry from Korcula Town to Orebic. This is the cheaper option than the direct ferry from Vela Luka but it takes a longer time (2 hrs 45 minutes as opposed to 3.5 hours traveling time). Once in Orebic, you will then drive either to Trpanj to cross by car ferry to Ploce or to Peljesac Bridge to cross to Komarna and drive further by E65 road to Split (see the below map).

to Split Airport by car

If you are heading to Split Airport, drive as above and once you reach Dugopolje on E65 road, turn left towards Split Airport which is located between Kastela and Trogir. It is another 30 km distance drive.

Passenger ferry catamaran in Korcula port
Passenger ferry catamaran in Korcula port

Korcula to Split by Passenger Ferry

There are at least 3 available ferries getting from Korcula island to Split every day of the year. Two of them are fast passenger ferries and one is a slower car ferry. If you are a foot passenger, choose a fast passenger one if you can. The alternative is the slower ferry that also carries cars. Here is what is available:

Timetables for fast passenger ferries

All ferries depart from the center of the towns, from its local ports – see the map here and take you to the Split ferry port (map), which is situated in the center of the city, on its waterfront promenade. From there you can continue your travels further. Fast passenger ferries (catamarans) usually do not sail in bad weather. If that happens, take from Vela Luka a slow car ferry instead.

Here is a video of one of the fast passenger ferries sailing on this route:

Korcula to Split by Bus

There is a daily bus that departs from Vela Luka, and drives across the island to Korcula Town, stopping in every place on its way. The bus continues to Zagreb via Split. This option may be a bit inconvenient as the journey starts from Vela Luka at 18:30 and from Korcula Town at 19:45, arriving at the Split bus terminal quite late, at 0:45 (after midnight). Here is a screenshot of the bus booking panel:

bus booking Korcula to Split

This bus is the last public transport option to travel to Split from the island. Good to consider if you miss all the earlier ferries.

by Water Taxi

You can also get a water taxi (private speed boat transfer) to take you from Korcula island to Split or to Split Airport. The price for this service is calculated on basis of the number of passengers, pick-up time, and season. The standard rate for a water taxi from Vela Luka to Split is 600 Euro and from Korcula Town to Split 800 Euro. Add another 100 Euro to Split Airport. Book your water taxi here

by Taxi

At the present, there is no Uber service on the island. However, you can get a taxi to take you to Split or to Split Airport. The price is calculated on basis of the number of passengers, pick-up time, and season. The standard rate for Split and Split Airport is 230 Euros to 265 Euros. Book your taxi here.

Routes Map

On the below map, you can see all available routes to reach Split from Korcula (and back):