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Traffic around Korcula Old Town

Traffic sign in Sveti NikolaThere is some good news coming from sources close to the Korcula Town authorities about the new regulations of traffic in Korcula Town for the next summer season (mid-June to mid-September).

The reason for this consideration is the amount of traffic in the town, which become almost unbearable in the summer.

Everyone who visited Korcula in the last few years has noticed that traffic and parking in the town are chaotic and out of control. Although local people and visitors were regularly complaining about traffic, it was in vain. Last summer (2005) was one of the worst summers as far as traffic was concerned. However, it seems the time has come for those who are in charge to now seriously consider the introduction of restrictive measures as it is obvious, the status quo is not possible any more.

One new measure that is considered, is to abolish parking in Sveti Nikola promenade or to totally abolish traffic in that street and leave it as a pedestrian-only area.

Also, during the summer season authorities are considering to generally restrict entrance to the town for motor vehicles, as well as to introduce much higher parking charges for existing parking places. Furthermore, we are expecting from local authorities to pedestrianise at least some crucial areas around Korcula Old Town (West and East Pier) to make Korcula more acceptable in terms of traffic.
Parked Cars on East Side of Korcula Town (2016)On 01.06.06 Korcula’s local authorities announced their final decision (at least for Summer 2006) about new traffic regulations for Korcula Town. After a lot of lively discussions, 9 pages long document is accepted and white smoke came out of Opcina chimney 😉

Following is the list of main points:
1/ No parking in Sveti Nikola street.
2/ Opportunity opened for local authority to ban/ restrict all traffic ( if needed) between 7 am and midnight in Korcula Town for period 01.06-31.08
3/ No heavy vehicles ( vans and lorries over 5 tonnes) in Ulica Korculanskih Domobrana in period 01.06-30.09.
4/ Some dedicated parking places allocated to the town’s local residents.
5/ Traffic ban in streets Hrvatske Bradske Zajednice, Fosa, Zakrjan and Setaliste Petra Kanavelica.
6/ No parking or stopping at Plokata, Korcula’s main square.
7/ Traffic banned on Plokata in the evenings.
8/ Removal of vehicles that are parked illegally (clamping units) – 500 kunas fine 🙂

So, if you don’t live in the centre of Korcula Town, the only free parking place you can use is one near the cemetery and one in Pelavin Mir. All other parking places in the town are to be charged for.

Finally, I am looking forward to the day when total traffic ban will be introduced in Korcula (at least for summers) and instead of this current summer chaos, we will have public transport that is well run and organised, with dedicated cycle lanes, frequent buses to Lumbada, Zrnovo and Racisce etc…

It doesn’t seem too complicated to execute, if only our mentality is different and if only we can find, instead of cars, some other status symbols to show off by…

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One Response to “Traffic around Korcula Old Town”

  • Bob S.

    I visited Korcula last summer. You are apsolutely right , Korcula is chaotic and almost unbearable as far as traffic is concerned. Waiting at Orebic in ferry que for ages and then finding out parking in Korcula is impossible it something we learned hard way.We will come in Korcula again next summer but this time without a car. We can always rent a scooter or car if we need to do day trip areound the island.
    Thank you for a great blog! Keep good work!

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