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Tower Revelin – Land Gate, Veliki Revelin Tower


Tower Revelin – Land Gate, Veliki Revelin Tower

Tower Revelin, dating from 13th century, also called “Tower of the South Land Gate” aka “Kula juznih kopnenih vrata” , or Veliki Revelin – it is actually the southern entrance/exit into the Old Town with adjacent staircase. The entrance to the town passes under the Tower.


Above photo: On the southern facade of the Tower there is a relief/plaque of windged lion of Venice (lion of St Mark) as well as a plaque with following text : U spomen krunidbe hrvatskoga kralja Tomislava. DCCCCXXV-MCMXXV Korculani which translates as ‘In memory of the coronation of Croatian King Tomislav, DCCCCXXV-MCMXXV. Korculans‘. (see photos below).There was at least one attempt during the history when the Tomislav plaque was forcefully removed (during Italian occupation) – see photo here + some photos of winged Lions around Korcula.


Historical Photos of Tower Revelin

Locaton Map of Tower Revelin


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