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Tower Velika Knezeva Kula (Large Governor’s Tower)

Tower Velika Knezeva Kula (Large Governor’s Tower) is located on the South-West side of Korcula Town.

The tower, shaped as truncated cone was built in 1483. It has very massive feeling and locals nowadays call this tower “torjun”. There are various WW2 commemorative plaques around the tower. At the top of the crown , below the parapet , there is a rounded crown ring . On its north-western side, facing the harbour was a large plaquefeaturing Venetian lion and three coats of arms (the Dukes Balbi, Contarinia and Giorgio) - see bottom photo from 1920s for its location. After World War II the coats of arms were removed and replaced by inscription in memory of ww2liberation of the town .

Velika knezeva kula (Large Governor’s Tower) is placed in front of Mala knezeva kula (Large Governor’s Tower). This tower, as well as Small Governor’s Tower, were erected in 15th century to protect Governor’s Palace. It was built of large roughly shaped rectangular cubes .

The interior of the tower at the beginning of the 20th century was converted for storage of drinking water .

Photos of Large Governor’s Tower


Large Governor’s Tower


The crown of Large Governor’s Tower


Large Governor’s Tower – viewed from North


Large Governor’s Tower – commemorative plaques from ww2


Commemorative plaques (from ww2)

Tower – street scene from 1970s


The Tower in 1920s with coat of arms and Winged Lion of St Mark still in place

Location of Large Governor’s Tower


Large Governor’s Tower (Velika Knezeva Kula) – located on the South-West side of the medieval walls

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