Where is the best place to stay in Korcula and Island

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    Is it better for me to look for room in Korcula town or in some other places on the island?
    Where should I look to find single room for a week in June?



    it realy depend what you would like to do while on holiday.
    if you would prefer to do other stuff beside swimming, easiest solution is to be based in Town of Korcula and then go for day-trips to explore around.

    There is a lot of people in the town itself who rent out rooms to travellers, so it shoudn’t be a problem to find one.

    Have a look at our accommodation page https://www.korculainfo.com/apartments/
    to see is anything suitable for you…



    I like Lumbarda.
    It is nice village and has nice beach Przina.




    We are looking to spending 4 nights on Korcula in September. We will be arriving from Split and leaving for Dubrovnik. At the moment we are looking at a hotel in Vela Luka or in Korcula old town. Which of the two areas would you recommend or should we split the 4 nights that we have into two nights in each place?
    Will it be easy to get across from one end to the other by bus or taxi?
    We would arrive in Korcula on Friday 7th of September (from Spilt) and want to leave on Tuesday 11th of September for Dubrovnik.
    Would it be possible for you to send us some brochures of activities, cycling/kayak/walking and places to visit (food/wine) on the island?
    Thank you very much in advance for your help and guidance.



    Hi Marita, start with where to stay on Korcula island article here :

    Where to stay on Korcula Island?

    and this one too:

    Where to stay in Korcula Town?

    Yes, it is fairly easy access by bus or taxi to most of the places on the island although, Korcula town is the easiest place to access.

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