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    Dobar dan, I feel very privileged to have visited your beautiful village a few years ago.

    The people, the place – everything so beautiful. However, I cannot forget two things that have upset me since I left and wanted to write to let you know.

    The Friday fish market was so wonderful. At the end of the night there were donkey races. The donkeys were so lovely – it was such a special treat to meet them. I just wish that the races did not happen. To see these gentle creatures looking distressed with all the noise and hitting with (sometimes overweight) tourists riding them was not at all pleasant.

    I can still see the little jennys and their foals looking terrified. I think it would be so much better to bring the donkeys and let people either touch, feed or CHILDREN (not big adults) sit on them.

    That would be more than enough for any tourists – a very memorable experience – full of love and respect for the animal and for locals who must love their donkeys too. Tourists, as you well know I am sure, can be very thoughtless. This kindness shown to animals could help build a better world – by encouraging tourists to RESPECT.

    The second thing that distressed me was the dreadful disrespect shown by many tourists to your pristine waterways and sea life. I don't have an easy solution here – I am sure that you are all very concerned also. Perhaps just a couple of signs in several languages would help.

    Something like “we love our ocean, we hope you will too. Please do not throw rubbish in the sea or take sea creatures out of the water. Heavy fines for those who do not respect our ocean”.

    I am so sorry to write in a negative way – I really want to say how much I enjoyed Lumbarda and hope that I can visit again one day.

    Thank you for your beautiful village – and may it always remain so full of beauty and peace.


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