Looking for holidaying in Korcula where dogs are welcomed

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    We want to spend our best time of the year at you and we plan to take our dog with us. Its a very well educated rescue-dog, a bigger one, a german shepperd dog.

    So till now, we found some appartements at a big agency where owners  accept dogs, but our problem is, that we cannot contact them personally to discuss the facts around. The agency does not tell us the phone numbers in order to prevent booking directly. We do not only need the appartement but also the fitting sorrounding: the dog should have the chance to go with us in the day to the beach and/ or in the evening without disturbing other people.

    This means, we need a sorrounding with multiple small beaches,where few people are and natural shadow places are to find (trees, wood…)and he should be allowed to go into the water, because he otherwise will have big problems in the sun (while not beeing used to the climate). For this reason, a small city with only one beach will not be the right place for us to stay. A (big or small) city where multiple, un-crowded, small beaches are around will be perfect. Also, a place with only one main street will not allow us to walk in the evening, a city with some chance to use forest-streets will help. I think you know what I mean.. Also a fine variant would be, if the appartement has a closed garden sorrounding it, where the dog can stay at daytime when we are at the beach by himself; he is used to that also.

    We kindly ask if you can recommend us a region, the other factors are as usual: near restaurants , nice surrounding, not to far from the sea and so on.. You see, we are looking for the perfect location 😉

    Please recommend us also some apartments in areas described, which are not to expensive for normal, non-millionaire people, where dogs are welcome 😉

    Thank you very much and regards


    Vice Plokata

    My recommendation is to use large hotels and apartments booking sites such as booking.com or airbnb.com where you can select apartments that take dogs. Via these sites you can get in touch with owner and establish all facts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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