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Island Hopping in Croatia – Split, Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Mljet, Lastovo, Dubrovnik

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  • Adam

    Hello! I’m sorry if the answer to my question is within the timetables/forum posts, but I am struggling to work it out!

    We are planning to visit Croatia (Central & Southern Dalmatia) in August.

    We are going to hire cars from the airport, and then (ideally) take a car ferry to Korcula, stay there for 1 week, and then go to Hvar and have 1 week there.

    Is it possible to take a car ferry from (for example) Dubrovnik to Korcula, then from Korcula to Hvar, and finally Hvar to Split (returning car and flying back to London)

    If not, are there any other ways to do this trip Or would it be better just to stay on the one island for the 2 weeks

    If anyone can help I would be very grateful.



    You can use a catamaran that sails from Korcula to Hvar – have a look at this page :


    For the Dubrovnik trip, you can either do an organized day trip with local agents or use the bus service from Korcula to Dubrovnik and back – have a look at this link :

    Bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula

    UPDATE: Also, now there is a daily ferry between Korcula and Dubrovnik – check here:




    Hello, Bonjour, dobar dan,

    Petit site en francais sur la Croatie et entre autre Korcula. Voir les liens dans le message en anglais ci dessous.

    Coming back from Croatia after 18 days in Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar and Split, I wrote my trip on my website (only in French for the moment but you can at least enjoy the pictures going to the link ‘Les photos’): http://monrennes.free.fr/voyages/croatie/index.php5
    The part on Korcula can be found on the corresponding page : http://monrennes.free.fr/voyages/croatie/korcula.php5

    We stayed 4 days in Korcula. We took the bus to go the Lumbarda, we took the bus to Pupnat and walked a long exhausting way to go to the beautiful beach Putnaska Luka and had good time in the Korcula city. We specially recommended the bar at the top of the tower called massimo bar : https://www.korculainfo.com/nightlife/massimo/

    Enjoy your stay in Korcula and Croatia 8)


    I have just started planning a trip to Croatia for the end of August. I would like to visit Dubrovnick, Korcula, Split and maybe Hvar in 8 days (from saturday to saturday) and I am overwhelmed with all the info., different ferries and buses schedules.etc. etc. I don’t even know where to start. I have three preliminaries questions:

    1. Buses from Korcula to Dubrovnick – Besides the regular bus at 6:45 am, will the second bus schedule be available at the end of August? If so, what would be the exact departure time and days?

    2. If you want to go “island hopping ” with your bags (without staying overnight) are there Baggage Storage services at the ferry terminals in Korcula, Hvar and Bac?

    3. If you had to choose one beach for just one day at the beach, which from the above islands will you choose?

    Any recommendations for a routing or schedule starting and ending in Dubrovnick from sat to sat is more than welcomed!!!!


    Hello! :)Thank you so much for creating such an information website, it’s been so much help in planning my backpacking trip through Europe.I will be arriving in Dubrovnik on June 27th, 2011 from Barcelona and will be island hopping from Korcula to Hvar Town and then to Split before I head to Budapest and am looking for accommodations. It’s been really difficult for me as I am traveling solo and most of the guest places or rooms are for 2 or more. Do you have any recommendation as to what I should do Because I’m traveling alone, I would like to know where I am staying before I arrive.Here is my itinerary below for a more detailed explanation of what I will be doing.June 27 – 29: Barcelona to Dubrovnik via SpanairJune 30 – July 1: Dubrovnik to Korcula via BusJuly 2 – 3: Korcula to Hvar Town via FerryJuly 4 – 5: Hvar Town to Split via FerryJuly 5: Split to Budapest via Eurostar night trainAny information you could provide would be most helpful. I’m looking for clean and safe budget accommodations near city centers or at least close to bus stops. Thank you so much for all of your help. THANK YOU! I can’t wait to visit your country!


    yes, it is possible to do that journey by ferry but only twice a week.

    if this is not suitable, then use local ferries – i suggest you to drive from dubrovnik to orebic, take ferry from orebic to korcula(domince) ferry port.
    from korcula drive to vela luka (korcula island), take ferry to split , from split take ferry to stari grad (hvar island) and on the way back to split take the same ferry.

    see some recommended routes here https://www.dubrovnik-travel.net/island-hopping/

    check all current timetables at https://www.croatiaferries.com/

    there is also this info: https://www.dubrovnik-travel.net/getting-from-hvar-to-dubrovnik/

    i hope this helps a bit..


    We will spend a week in Korcula and then wish to spend a week in Vis.

    Are there ferries from Korcula to Vis

    Where can I find time tables please


    No, there are not direct ferries from Korcula to Vis.

    You would need to go to Split and take ferry to Vis from there


    i am after some information regarding the ferries around the ports in croatia,i am flying into split on the 9th of july staying there 2 nights then want to get the ferry to hvar stay there one night then onto korcula for one night then onto dubrovnik, do i have to purchase the ferry tickets first as i will be getting on and off or can i purchase from there.
    is there a ferry ticket i can get booked with the dates i require to leave each place.

    Vice Plokata

    Hi Linda,
    as you are traveling in July I recomend you to buy your ferry tickets in advance.
    You can purchase your tickets now online for each of your dates and destinations here on this site

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