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Flights to Dubrovnik and Bari

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    British Airways are advertising flights to Dubrovnik from London £99 return inc taxes.
    They also advertise flights to Bari from £59 return.

    Does anybody know what is better option for trip to Korcula?




    Well that flight to Bari sounds quite good, but I have a feeling that it is still beter option to fly directly to Dubrovnik.

    Dubrovnik is much closer to Korcula and there is much better travel connections from Dubrovnik than from Bari.

    Anyway, if you are not in hurry, and would like to sail across Adriatic, Bari flight sounds pretty good option…

    Whaterver you do, please come back here and share with us your experience!



    I think once you’ve paid the ferry price , it would be no cheaper to fly to Bari, so you might as well fly straight to Dubrovnik.



    Yes, Dubrovnik is much better. Just try to come early because of the bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula.



    I was fiddling with flight booking on


    using Travel Select and BA link and found quite a few good prices and dates for Croatia Airlines as well as BA to Dubrovnik.



    One interesting thing about BA booking system.

    I noticed that is displaying different price for same day depending if you select +-14 days or +-1 day.

    For same date when selected +-14 days give me price ?100, then when selected +-1 day price was ?30.

    Of course, I used second method on both flights and got my May return ticket for ?98.90.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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