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    Dietrich B


    I’m just want to get some advice on cycling around Korcula. We will be going for 2 weeks at the end of august.

    Can anyone say something about routes on the island ?


    Dietrich B



    Hi Dietrich,

    There is no dedicated cycling lines on the Island of Korcula. Nonetheless, as I am cyclist myself, I would still

    confim thay cycling on Korcula is quite safe, as there is no a lot of traffic here.

    There are various good routes to follow – (hard to choose the best one) – have a look at the maps page :

    Most of the roads are asfalted, but there are some non-asfalt roads for more adventurous, perhaps mountbiking, tours.

    If you are mountbiker, I would reccommend routes around Lumbarda and Zrnovo, especially roads around Defora ( southern side of Island near Zrnovo) as well as Kneze-Pupnat one.

    Otherwise, just stay on main roads, make shure you keep extremly right and beware of parked cars – ready ( as always) to open their doors right into your face, (and then say: sorry, i didn’t see you ) 😉




    Joe Y

    I have been cycling on Korcula Island last year – the routes are safe and views are great. I am going again this year. 😆




    Does any one know if there is possible to rent bicycle in Korcula Island during July?




    Yes, it is possible!
    There are several rant-a-bike places around the island Korcula as well as in Korcula town where you can rent a bike for few hours, a day or week and more.
    Check all info at this page


    Dylan dylan

    I’ll be coming to Korcula for two weeks from the 16th of August, and want to take my bike, for when I get bored of being inactive. I’m a keen mountain biker, and would prefer to take my own bike, as rental bikes can be basic and in poor repair.

    Firstly, what sort of riding can I find? Is there enough rocky, bumpy stuff offroad to justify bringing a full suspension bike, or would I get away with my more general mountain bike?

    Are there are local mountain bike clubs who meet regularly, who wouldn’t mind a crazy english guy joining them on a ride or two? Although I can look at a map, local knowledge is always best for finding out where to ride.

    Is there lots of thorny vegetation around offroad? Do I need to bring lots of tubes incase of punctures, and are there any local shops which sell bike stuff like inner tubes?

    Please reply via the forum, as I don’t seem to be able to create an account on these boards at the moment.


    Dylan dylan at moraine dot co dot uk



    hi dylan

    korcula is not as sofisticated regarding cycling as one can expect.

    there is no designated cycling lanes or similar, no cycling clubs, no even cycling shops etc… 😳 😥

    BUT – there are a lot of good routes to cycle on and off road, so i expect you will have a good time here.

    therefore, i suggest you to bring your bike and enjoy various routes ( general local map is on sale around the town). also, bring all necessary repair kits, as there is no a lot of choice here

    have a great time!

    ( edita – the broken legged cyclist)



    Cycling around Korcula island is here :

    Hiring a bike in Korcula:



    We will be in Korcula in June, is there is good quality bike hire shop there?

    Also what are the roads like for cyclists?



    “good quality bike”  ::)  perhaps not :/

    About cycling around Korcula:

    Cycling forum topic:



    Cycling Route: Lumbarda – Kosovo – Gornje Blato- Humac- Javic – Lumbarda:



    So how have people got on with mountainbiking in Korcula? Any technical/challenging trails found? What are the rules about riding across land?

    I’m thinking of boxing up my Camber and bringing it in July… The island looks stunning and I think it will be a good way to investigate under my own steam.



    chris, there are numerous public pathways where you can ride moutainbike on the island.

    there are no restrictions as long as its is not a private land so yes, you should pack your bike and bring it here 🙂

    as july is pretty hot month perhaps you could consider riding in the early mornings or late afternoons and spend the hot part of the day in the shade?



    yes there are good quality bikes to hire in korcula.  🙂
    specialised, trek, cannondale, kona are just some of the available bikes.
    no problem as far as quality is concerned.
    there are several bike rental shops in korcula right in the centre of the town.



    yes there are good quality bikes to hire in korcula.  🙂  specialised, trek, cannondale, kona are just some of the available bikes. no problem as far as quality is concerned.

    yes indeed  – some good bikes offered for hire in korcula :



    Cycling on Korcula was a wonderful experience and the bike renting is not too expensive.



    Do you know if it's possible to hire bikes with a child-seat in Korcula?

    Is it possible to hire bikes for children?



    We are a couple travelling from Split to Ston (Peljesac island) via Brac, Hvar,Korcula.

    We are interested in getting info. regarding renting a bike from Split and depositing at Ston (or somewhere near town)?

    Or do we need to rent a bike separately in each island and deposit there before moving to next island.

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