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Tintoretto’s painting ready for photo shoot

A friend of mine, Nadja Lucic, is working in Dubrovnik for Restauratorski Zavod of Croatia (an art restoration institution of Croatia). She sent other day this photo of Jacopo Tintoretto’s painting from Korcula’s Sveti Marko cathedral, taken at workshop of HRZ, which shows the work by famous artist getting ready for photo shoot after 4 years of research and restoration process through which it is confirmed by Katarina Kusijanovic, a project coordinator, that this magnificent work of art is indeed made by Tintoretto and commisioned in 16th century by Korcula’s local authorities ­čÖé

The painting will be displayed to the public at exhibition ” Painting by Jacopo Tintoretto from Korcula in light of new research” which will be held in Dubrovnik from 07.07 – 28.07.06 in Knezev Dvor. The day after, on 29.07.06, at Korcula’s patrons day of Sveti Todor, this valuable painting is travelling back home to Korcula, at the main altar of Sveti Marko cathedral.

Nadja Lucic, originally from Korcula, currently working in Dubrovnik, is a member of restoration team that was restoring this painting for last few years. She is also one who makes sure all other artefacts and paintings in Korcula’s churches gets their regular ” facelift” too.

Read about the restoration of Tintoretto’s painting

2 Responses to “Tintoretto’s painting ready for photo shoot”

  • Roger Matthews

    Just wanted to thank you very much for the tremendous response to my request for more news from Korcula. Three items in a couple of days! I hope you can maintain this admirable burst of activity, though not, of course, at the expense of your university studies!

  • edita

    hi roger,
    uni is finished now ­čÖé
    … but summertime is already here, and i intend to be really lazy until september…
    let’s see how it goes…

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