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THE new place in Croatia.. Korcula

Gill Murr, a single mum and the travel editor of Mirror.co.uk, has visited Lumbarda with her two kids and wrote an article about her experience of the village, its beaches Bilin Zal and Vela Przina as well as her visit to Korcula Old Town.

At the end of the article she admitted: “A little like a holiday romance, I’d fallen in love with Korcula. I’d felt the warmth on my back in a beautiful location full of charm and friendliness.”

These are two short extracts from the article:
‘A short flight away, a slightly longer, stomachchurning transfer by coach, boat and minibus (but well worth it) and we were there. I’m scared to name it because it’s so beautiful I don’t want it to be all booked up next year. Well, okay, I’ll whisper it – the Lina Apartments on the Croatian island of Korcula (pronounced Korchula) turned out to be just what I’d wished for…

..(about Korcula Old Town)…As well as museums, galleries and wonderfully cool churches, there is a host of quaint souvenir shops, a fab fruit market… and then there’s the ice-cream. The Croatians give their Italian neighbours a run for their money with the old gelato. And at about 60p for a generous scoop, they’ve got it sorted. We stopped at a little parlour on a shady side street for Orangina, ice-cream and coffee – all I can say is, yum… ”

Read the whole article here

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