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The New Bypass to Lumbarda Beaches

The road works on the new bypass to Lumbarda Beaches are now in full swing and are expected to be completed by the beginning of summer 2007.

The bypass route will join the existing Lumbarda road, which runs straight along the seashore, to create a loop road around the centre of the Lumbarda village.

The loop road will begin at the Javic area of Lumbrada and continue via the Kosovo area until it reaches the crossroads of Sveti Bartol Church near Vela Przina Beach.

Here it joins the already existing access road which goes to Bilin Zal Beach as well as to Tatinja Beach (via new walking path).

The old existing Lumbrada road along the seashore was not built to sustain a large number of vehicles and is rather narrow.

In recent years during summertime, the increase of traffic through the village towards the beaches is sometimes unbearable.

With the new bypass in place, traffic jams will hopefully be a thing of the past for Lumbarda.

The project is being financed by the Ministry of Sea Tourism Transport and Development of the Republic of Croatia with the support of the Municipality of Lumbarda.
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3 Responses to “The New Bypass to Lumbarda Beaches”

  • Peter Collins

    Ah, new roads! You’re very lucky. Or not. Nature abhors a vacuum, and new roads tend to fill up just because they’re there. Good luck.

  • edita

    yes, i agree with you peter.
    it is difficult to make right decision…

  • Natural

    I am afraid Korcula with its natural beauty will be like another Costa del Sol. Why cannot you just stay as a natural beauty of the Planet Earth. Tourist come to Korcula for naturelle instead of concrete creation of man.

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