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The latest news about Peljesac Bridge project

According to Javno.hr, the director of the Croatian Construction Institute (IGH), Jure Radic said following info on the Croatian television show Nedjeljom u Dva, where one of the discussion topics were Peljesac Bridge :

As far as building the bridge to Peljesac, Radic stresses that the strong southerly winds represent a problem, and that the ground in that region is not stable and in danger of an earthquake.

Answering headlines that stated that there is no work occurring at the construction site of the bridge, Radic said that the construction is outside of the construction-site phase.

The pipes that will be hammered deep into the ground are made off-site, and it is not true that there is no construction occurring at the site he said.

He also advised that, considering the upcoming economic crisis, Government should not give up on projects that mean the integration of Croatia.

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2 Responses to “The latest news about Peljesac Bridge project”

  • edita

    Update 06.01.09:

    Bosnia and Herzegovina threatens with international lawsuit over Peljesac bridge

    Bosnian Presidency member Zeljko Komsic warned on Monday that if Croatia continues with its plan to build the Peljesac bridge without consultations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, it would face charges submitted to the International Maritime Court in Hamburg. He stressed that it would not be a request for arbitration, but a lawsuit against Croatia for violating the UN Convention on Oceans and law of the Sea.
    source: hina

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