The Croatian Sea is amongst the cleanest and least polluted in Europe

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According to recent report by the European Environment Agency, the Croatian sea is amongst the cleanest and least polluted in Europe.

The good news was announced last week by Croatia’s Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection during presentation of the results of sea water quality and pollution for coastal Croatia for 2012.

Once a fortnight (May to September) the quality of the sea water is regularly monitored  at about 900 locations along the coast and islands.

The recent study shows that just under 1 percent of beaches does not meet the required standard, manly due to inadequate sewage systems.

According to the report, the best spots are  beaches that are marked by blue flags.

As far as Korcula beaches are concerned, the official figures are simply excellent 🙂

The top image shows the quality of water at my local beach in Sveti Nikola. For other beaches in Korcula check at this link.

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