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The Beauty of Patterns


The latest addition to our Korcula photo gallery is two posters published by the Croatia Tourist Board as part of their campaign based on the motto The Mediterranean as it once was’.

Both posters explore the meditative aspects of pattern in the architecture of Korcula Island.

The first poster shows an urban pattern of Korcula Old Town’s medieval layout, shaped on basis of fishbone.

The second poster shows a pattern of dry stone walls, built by local peasants, at Defora bays, on the south side of the island in the vicinity of Zrnovo.

The author of photographs is Damir Fabijanic, a freelance photographer, specializing in architecture and landscape photography.

Both posters were printed in dimensions 98×98 cm.

Click on the above images to see large versions of the posters that show centuries-old work by local pattern-makers.

Read about Korcula architecture, its history, and stone masonry tradition.

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