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Water Polo Photos

Water Polo Photos

Water Polo is a very popular sport on Korcula Island – read about water polo tradition in Korcula and also see some photos of KPK – the local water polo club

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Korculanski Plivacki Klub – KPK Korcula – Korcula’s Swimming and Water Polo Club

Korculanski Plivacki Klub - KPK Korcula - Korcula's Swimming and Water Polo Club

Korcula Town has a long water polo tradition that dates back to the late 1920s. That was the time when Korcula’s students, reading their degrees at universities in larger places ( Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik…) discovered water polo as a fashionable new game and brought it with them to Korcula to …

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KPK Photos

KPK Photos

Swimming and water polo are very popular sports in Korcula - here is collection of photos from history of KPK, Korcula’s Swimming and WaterPolo Club: Read about KPK and waterpolo and swimming tradition in Korcula

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Sport Korcula Website

Sport Korcula Website

The latest addition to variety of Korcula websites is SportKorcula.com (www.sportkorcula.com) – an official website of Sportski objekti Korcula (aka Korcula’s Sport Centre). The site, written in the Croatian language, has info about sports, leisure, health and fitness facilities in Korcula Town including a football pitch, an indoor handball pitch, a sport hall/gym as …

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