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Campsite Vrbovica

Campsite Vrbovica

Vrbovica campground photos Campsite “Vrbovica” is located in Žrnovska Banja / Vrbovica bay on the north-east shore of Korcula island, about 5 km from Korcula Town. This campground is located in the large gardens of private waterfront house, right on the seashore, having its own pebbled beach. There are various …

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Vrbovica – Korcula

Vrbovica - Korcula

Vrbovica is a large bay situated along the road from Korcula town to Racisce, on the northern shore of the Island. It used to be a non urbanized bay with some stone masons quarries owned by couple of Zrnovo families. Nowadays it is a place where young families from the village moved in to built their homes …

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