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About MORESKA – a traditional sword dance The town of Korcula is well known for MORESKA – a traditional sword dance and drama that was common through the Mediterranean in 12th and 13th century, reaching Korcula in 16th century from Italy and Dubrovnik. The dance originated in Spain is associated …

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Moštra Sword Dance Moštra Sword Dance is traditionally performed in the hamlet of Postrana in village Zrnovo, for the festival of Sveti Roko on 16th of August each year Photos of Mostra Mostra Video: 

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Sword Dance Festival – Korcula

Sword Dance Festival - Korcula

Sword Dance Festival in Korcula 19.06.2015 KORČULA SWORD DANCE FESTIVAL – 2015 Opening Ceremony on June 19 in Korčula Town! The island of Korčula is uniquely known for its remarkable sword dances that are more than four hundred years old. In the town of Korčula is performed Moreška sword dance and six …

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