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Tavern Konoba Mijo – Pupnatska Luka

Tavern Konoba Mijo - Pupnatska Luka

This Konoba / small restaurant is located just above the pebble beach in the beautiful bay of Pupnatska Luka. Run by a friendly local family and offering a traditional menu, a variety of Dalmatian grilled food (meat and fish), selection of beer and wine as well as soft and hot drinks. …

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Restaurant Konoba Lanterna

Restaurant Konoba Lanterna

Conveniently located on the relaxing spot with wonderful views over Luka Korculanska Beach , Konoba Lanterna is a well established  local tavern – restaurant on the outskirts of  Korcula Town , on about 30 minutes walk from the Town walls. Lanterna serves mostly fresh, grilled food as well as selection of beer and …

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Pizza & Breakfast Bistre

Pizza & Breakfast Bistre

Pizzeria Bistre is popular small pizza restaurant located in the very heart of Korcula town‘s main square Plokata. At such handy spot you can enjoy nice pizza, breakfast or drink and watch people passing by. Bistre is run by a local hotel company and offers a tasty traditional pizzas, breakfasts, …

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Restaurant: Gradski Podrum – Korcula Old Town

Restaurant: Gradski Podrum – Korcula Old Town

Restaurant Gradski Podrum , one of the oldest local restaurants, located in the very heart of Korcula Old Town right in the middle of lovely and romantic square. Popular and friendly restaurant / tavern offers selection of food including daily soup, grilled fish and meat, vegetables, selection of wines and other beverage. The restaurant …

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Caffe bar Arula

Caffe bar Arula

Cafe Bar Arula is a popular cafe situated in the very centre of Korcula down-town at the heart of Plokata Square.  It is offering selections of cakes, pastries, ice creams as well as coffees, espressos, cappuccino and more. Large, shaded terrace with sea views attracts visitors and locals alike. Above photo: Great views …

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Restaurant: Aterina – Korcula

Restaurant: Aterina - Korcula

Restaurant ‘Aterina’ is located at the western edge of Korcula Old Town offering great views over the channel. This is popular and friendly restaurant / tavern / tapas that offers very tasty home made food including grilled vegetables, soups, fish, octopus, olives, prosciutto, home made pasta dish Žrnovski makaruni and more. Daily freshly baked home made bread and cakes. Wide …

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Restaurant: Konoba Malta – Korcula

Restaurant: Konoba Malta - Korcula

Restaurant ‘Konoba Malta’ is located in Sveti Anton suburb on about 30 minutes walk from Korcula Old Town. Also known as ‘seosko domaćinstvo Malta‘ is family run konoba / farm restaurant that offers traditional food such as peka – a grilled meat and vegetables (see photo below) . Most of the food is freshly picked …

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Restaurant: Konoba Maslina – Korcula

Restaurant: Konoba Maslina - Korcula

Restaurant ‘Konoba Maslina’ is located in Sveti Anton suburb just few kilometres away from Korcula Old Town along the road to Lumbarda. This is a well known traditional, family run konoba that offers fantastic food including grilled meat, fish and vegetables as well as home made pasta dish Žrnovski makaruni. Lovely freshly baked ‘pogacice‘ …

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Korčula Foodventure

Korčula Foodventure

Korčula Foodventure brochure and map, published by HTP Korcula 2015 (Foodventure = The search of new foods/cuisine to try for yourself.)

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Wine Bar and Shop 800

Wine Bar and Shop 800

Wine Bar and Shop 800 is located in Ulica Ismaeli, at the very heart of the old town of Korčula, close to the St Marks Cathedral. It offers a selection of local wines from Dalmatia as well as from other Croatian regions (Slavonia, Istria, Zagorje). Island Cruise, Wine Tasting and Dinner – prices from 80 …

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