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Puntin Beach – Korcula

Puntin Beach - Korcula

Above photo: Afternoon at Puntin in Korcula Old Town Puntin Beach, located on the northern edge of Korcula Old Town and its Port, is popular with local windsurfers and people living nearby. The beach consists of a stretch of shingle/pebbles, a row of large rocks, large stone slab/ platform great …

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Bura (Bora) Wind

Bura (Bora) Wind

Bora or in Croatian Bura is a northern to north-eastern wind that blows along Adriatic Coast, whose name derives from the Greek mythological figure of Boreas – the North Wind. Bura blows in gusts and is most common during the winter. It blows hardest when a polar high-pressure area sits …

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Cool Windsurfing Video from Korcula

This cool windsurfing video which I just discovered on Youtube (and immediately set it up as one of my favorites) is taken in Peljesac Channel in the waters of Korcula Town. The video  features dynamic windsurfing on sunny & windy afternoon of Summer 2011 (while strong Maestral was blowing)  in vicinity of Puntin, right …

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Departing from Korcula

Departing from Korcula

Departing from Korcula Town by ferry / boat / ship – this video is taken from Puntin (Korcula’s western harbour) at midday on 19.06.2011

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