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Tatinja Beach – Lumbarda

Tatinja Beach - Lumbarda

Tatinja Beach – Lumbarda (other Lumbarda Beaches) Photos of Tatinja: Location Map of Tatinja Beach: Location coordinates: 42.924032, 17.177409 Other info: other beaches in Lumbarda other beaches in vicinity of Lumbarda: Defora beaches, Archipelago beaches, Korcula Beaches dog friendly beaches Map of all Korcula Beaches all beaches on Korcula island

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Raznjic Beach – Lumbarda – Korcula

Raznjic Beach - Lumbarda - Korcula

Raznjic Beach with its mighty rocky landscape (see above photo)  is located at the very top east coast of the Korcula Island, close to Lumbarda. The beach is made up of large white rocks washed up by stormy seas throughout the centuries forming several natural slides and steps convenient for getting in and out of the sea. The …

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Lenga Beach – Lumbarda

Lenga Beach - Lumbarda

Lenga Beach can be found on the unspoiled northeast coast of the Korcula Island, in the near vicinity of Lumbarda. The beach is made up of large white and golden rocks which are adjacent to the Raznjic, the eastern horn of the Island. The beach also consists of large rock slabs that are very …

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Mandrač Beach – Korcula

Mandrač Beach - Korcula

Beach Mandrač , pronounced “mandrach” (meaning small boat marina) in Sveti Nikola is on about 10 min walk West from Korcula Old Town. The beach runs down the coast from the Maksimilijan Vanka Museum / Collection towards Strecica bay, passing right along the walls of Sveti Nikola Church and Monastery into the small marina / jetty. The beach is comprised …

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Luka Korculanska Beach

Luka Korculanska Beach

above photo : Luka Korculanska Beach, Korcula Luka Korculanska Beach (Kalac) – a picturesque sandy beach situated in the Bay of Luka Korculanska , on about pleasant 15 minutes walk from the Korcula Old Town or a short water taxi – boat ride from the Old Town’s pier , in near vicinity of Campsite Kalac and Hotel Bon Repos. …

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Rampada – Korcula

Rampada - Korcula

If you take a walk from Plokata, pass near Kopnena vrata town entrance towards Zakerjan, you will pass over Rampada street, situated along and above All Saints Tower (Svih Svetih). This area is popular with visitors as well as locals. Visitors to Korcula like to take photos from here : while locals like …

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Zakrjan (Zakerjan) Korcula

Zakrjan (Zakerjan) Korcula

Zakrjan (Zakerjan) is Korcula Old Town’s promenade located along it’s Eastern walls and Šetalište Petra Kanavelića street. The area features row of small restaurants and cafes as well as a row of old pine trees above lovely town walls. Zakrjan is also favorite swimming spot for locals and visitors of the Old …

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Smokvica Photos

Smokvica Photos

My collection of selected photos of Smokvica:

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St Mark’s Square – Korcula

St Mark's Square - Korcula

St Mark’s Square (Trg Svetog Marka) is the main square Korcula Old Town, popular with locals and visitors alike. Several important buildings are located on the Square – St Mark’s Cathedral, Gabrielis palace, Bishop’s Palace, Arneri Palace, Caenazzo Palace (see all Korcula palaces).. This popular square is locally called Piazza (Pjaca). The square …

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Korcula Town Photos

Korcula Town Photos

This is my collection of Korcula Town Photos which I took at various points in last 10 years. Other photo albums of Korcula Town: Sveti Nikola Street Photos Pillars in Korcula Arches in Korcula Old Town (Photos from 2002) Old Town photos from 2005

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