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Badija: The Franciscan Monastery

Badija: The Franciscan Monastery

The Franciscan Monastery on Badija, built in 14th and 15th century is called The Franciscan monastery of the Assumption of the Mary. The monastery complex consists of several parts (see plan) including The Church of Our Lady of Mercy (Crkva Gospe od Milosti), The Cloister , The Chapel of the Holy Cross and the monastery part. The Church of …

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Badija Beaches

Badija Beaches

Badja beaches are undoubtedly among the most picturesque beaches offering large stretch of coast, several shingle beaches,  swimming spots and clear waters. A trip to Badija is an essential part of any visit to Korcula. There are several beaches and swimming spots on the island – mainly pebble / shingle beach is situated in vicinity …

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Sveti Nikola Beach

Sveti Nikola Beach

Sveti Nikola Beach is located in the centre of Korcula Town along the popular Sveti Nikola promenade. The beach consist of long stretch of wide and spacious stone slabs and jetties very handy for sunbathing and jumping into the waters. At the several points along the beach beach / pool ladders are installed for easier access to the sea. Sunny all …

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Orlanduša Bay and Beach

Orlanduša Bay and Beach

Orlanduša beach is located in the small bay on the southern shores of the Island in Defora region. The beaches are made up of white pebbles/shingle with some rocky parts of the bay along its sides. Popular activity in the bay is snorkeling (see photo below) Being one of the remote bays on the island, waters …

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Rasohatica Bay and Beach – Korcula

Rasohatica Bay and Beach - Korcula

Rasohatica is located on the southern shores of Korcula island in Defora region. The bay has two beaches – easter one and nothern one. Both beaches are made up of white, medium size pebbles/shingle.  Getting into the clean and transparent waters is easy from both beaches. Being one of remote bays on the …

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Views of Defora Photos

Views of Defora Photos

My photo album of views and landscapes of Defora, Zrnovo : More info about Defora: about Defora region, about Zrnovo, Map of Zrnovo

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Dracevica – Zrnovo

Dracevica - Zrnovo

Above photo: Early Morning views from Dracevica (near Zrnovo) – sunrise over to Peljesac Channel, Badija, Skoji.. Dracevica is an area situated between Zrnovo and Lumbarda with lovely walking paths and fantastic views over Peljesac Channel and Archipelago Misty views over Lumbarda from Dracevica Walk form Zrnovo via Dracevica to Gornje Blato (Lumbarda) Walking map of Lumbarda Map …

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Defora – Korcula Island

Defora - Korcula Island

Defora is a region on the south-east side of Korcula island which includes countryside and vineyards of Zrnovo as well as the stretch of south-east coast (between Raznjc and Pupnatska Luka) featuring several secluded beaches and bays. The region has some fantastic walking paths offering breathtaking views over the channel. Great area to watch sunsets 🙂 Some people consider Defora …

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Zrnovo – Visitor Map

Zrnovo - Visitor Map

Visitor Map of Zrnovo includes: Defora region, Zrnovo, Zrnovska Banja, Medvinjak, Tri Zala, ..

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Bilin Zal Beach – Lumbarda

Bilin Zal Beach - Lumbarda

Bilin Zal Beach is a small, sandy beach on the eastern shores of Lumbarda. It is located about 4 km from Korcula Old Town and is connected with Town by regular bus service. The beach is made up of small and soft golden/grey sand as well as of some larger rocks …

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