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Peljesac: Bridge over troubled water

Peljesac: Bridge over troubled water

Click to see Large Map and Satelite Photo of Veli and Mali Skolj, Klek, Neum Channel and surrounding area where Peljesac Bridge is to be built According to Croatian and Bosnian media, there are more trouble emerging around Peljesac Bridge. The latest statement from Bosnian government official is clearly suggesting …

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Peljesac Bridge Tender soon

Peljesac Bridge Tender soon

According to Vjesnik, the daily newspaper from Croatia, the beginning of building work on Peljesac Bridge is expected to begin at about the same time as the opening of road section of Dugopolje-Sestanovac. The international tender, set my The Ministry of Sea, Tourism, Transportation and Development of Croatia, will be …

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Cute Owl from Viganj

Cute Owl from Viganj

I must admit, this is one of the cutest owls I ever saw. It has lovely deep yellow eyes and fashionable tuquoise scarf. Its surprised and calming gaze reminds me of my favourite teddy bear… The owl was found injured last night near Viganj at Peljesac Peninsula and guys from …

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Peljesac Wine Roads

Last week Peljesac got a new wine society called Peljeski vinski puti, which translates as Peljesac Wine Roads. The society’s aim is to improve communication between Peljesac wine producers, as well as offering Peljesac visitors a chance to get to know the local wine production. The head office of the Peljesac Wine …

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Peljesac Bridge Construction Plans

According to Jutarnji List, a Croatian daily newspaper, the architectural construction plans for Peljesac Bridge, the future second largest bridge in Europe, were last week completed by The Institute for the Bridges of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering. In accordance with the latest agreement between Croatia and Bosnia, the bridge …

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New Agreement about Peljesac Bridge

According to Hina, the Croatian News Agency , governments of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are close to achieving final agreement about technical specification of future Peljesac Bridge. Peljesac Bridge (Most Peljesac – kopno) is going to be 55 meters high, 20 meters wide, with length of about 2300 meters. …

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Peljesac Bridge New Project

Peljesac Bridge New Project

The future Peljesac Bridge may be bascule bridge! Cool ! 🙂 The Croatian newspaper Jutarnji list, just published this image: as a possible solution for the Peljesac Bridge. The good thing about it is that this kind of bridge will allow large ships to sail underneath of it, so the …

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Peljesac Bridge Map and Facts

Peljesac Bridge Map and Facts

I was going throught some old press cuttings, looking for something completely unrelated, and found some old articles from local press with lot of info about future Peljesac Bridge. So, below is compillation of some facts and figures about this project:

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Peljesac Bridge Tensions

Construction has begun on Croatia’s longest bridge, which the government hopes will provide a lifeline to the southern part of the country.

But Bosnians fear the bridge will seal-off access to their only port to the Adriatic, and have warned the project could endanger bilateral relations between the two former foes.

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Peljesac Bridge Construction Works Started

It seems things are moving on with that long promissed Bridge from Croatian Mainland (Komarna near Klek) to Peljesac Peninsula. Looking forward for that one 🙂

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