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Massimo Cocktail Bar

Massimo Cocktail Bar

Massimo Cocktail Bar - a fantastic place to watch sunsets from the top of medieval Zakerjan Tower (Berim Tower) . Nice cocktails, nice views, nice people, good music..fantastic place (photo by Massimo Cocktail Bar) Address: Massimo Cocktail and Sunset Bar Setaliste Petra Kanavelica , Korcula Old Town, Croatia Location Map of Massimo Cocktail and …

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Zakerjan Tower (Berim Tower) – Korcula

Zakerjan Tower (Berim Tower) - Korcula

Kula Zakerjan (Zakerjan tower), is also named Berim Tower. It stands on the north of Korcula Town (see map below) in the Zakerjan area. The tower was built between 1481 and 1483 under the rule of Giovanni Mocenigo who was the doge of Venice from 1478 to 1485. The tower …

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