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Campsite Kalac – Korcula

Campsite Kalac - Korcula

Camping Kalac is a large campsite (10 000 m2) situated in the bay of Luka Korculanska, about 20 minutes pleasant walk along the bay/seashore from Korcula Old Town. This is the only campsite on the Island of Korcula that is on the reasonable walking distance from the Town (2.5 km) …

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Luka Korculanska

Luka Korculanska

Luka Korculanska is a large bay situated on the eastern part of Korcula Town. It is also know as Luka Us, Porto Pedoci (Porto Pidochio), Uvala Skoljaka or Kalac. It takes about 20 min walk to reach it from the Korcula Old Town in the direction of Domince and Sveti …

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