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Korcula Foodventure

Korcula Foodventure

Korcula Foodventure brochure and map, published by HTP Korcula 2015 (Foodventure = The search of new foods/cuisine to try for yourself.)

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Žrnovski Makaruni

Žrnovski Makaruni

Above photo: Local women making Zrnovski Makaruni Žrnovski Makaruni – a traditional homemade fresh pasta from Å½rnovo . This homemade pasta takes considerable time and patience to make and roll all pasta you need. You need to mix the dough to the right consistency, cut the small pieces of dough and then roll each piece on the …

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Shopping in Korcula

Shopping in Korcula

Selection of Korcula Shops: Bakeries and Cake Shops Eko Skoj Shop in Korcula Coral Shop Irena Olive Oil UJE shop Wine Shops Grocery Shopping in Korcula If you are staying in self-catering accommodation in Korcula, you’ll find two small supermarkets Konzum and Studenac just off the main square Plokata in Korcula Town. Another …

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Brodet – Fish Stew

Brodet - Fish Stew

Brodet is well known fish and seafood stew traditionally prepared in Korcula as well as in other places along Adriatic Coast. It is cooked of at least three different kind of fish (like John Dory) and mussels. Scampi, tomatoes, onions and some wine vinegar add to good flavour too. Being …

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