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Sveti Nikola – Korcula

sveti-nikola1Sveti Nikola (Put Svetog Nikole) is a well known area of Korcula Town that features palm tree lined promenade. It runs along the sea from the main Korcula Town Square Plokata to area of Cvjetno Naselje. The street Sveti Nikola has a lot of comfortable benches placed between the palm trees where one can sit and watch the sea, Peljesac Channel, Sveti Ilija Mountain and Korcula Old Town.

The area also has a couple of its own beaches :

Actually, most of Sveti Nikola coast is used in a warm weather as one large beach – click to see the video of Sveti Nikola beach life


Views from bench of Sveti Nikola over Korcula Old Town

A selection of Holiday Rooms and Apartments to let in Sveti Nikola Korcula:


Sveti Nikola Photo Gallery – click to enlarge


Gallery of Croatian painter Maksimilian Vanka and Korcula’s contemporary painter and sculptor Marica Andrijic are located in Sveti Nikola. Sveti Nikola Church and Monastery and Dominican Convent is also here.

The best views to Korcula Old Town are from Sveti Nikola. Ok, I agree, I am bit biased with this statement. But I hope it can be forgiven as this is where I live.. Although, I must say – the bad thing about Sveti Nikola is that there are no any cafes or restaurants there. Shame. I particularly missed a convenient place in Sveti Nikola to sit and drink coffee in summer of 2005 when I broke my leg and had to go with crouches all the way to Plokata to find it…I hope it will be changed soon. Update: yes, there is now cafe / restaurant here


Old Shipyards in Sveti Nikola – Sveti Nikola and its Shipyards – old photo from the times Sveti Nikola Street was a suburb of shipbuilders. Click to check how Sveti Nikola looked a century ago!

Map with Location of Sveti Nikola- Click on above image to enlarge 3D map od Korcula and surrounding area that includes Sveti Nikola

Other Areas in Korcula Town:

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