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Summer Art and Music Festival in Istruga

festivala istrugaSome promising, and I must say, ambitious news are coming from organisers of “Festivala Istruga” – The Istruga Bay music and art festival that is planned for Summer 2007. They are promising for this summer’s festival the exciting mixture of music and art performances, light shows, film projections, street + land art and similar. The whole thing will happened during June, July and August at the sandy beach of Istruga in the near vicinity of Brna and Smokvica – the neighbouring villages on Korcula Island. This year is going to be their second (or third – not sure) year of existence. I didn’t visit it yet as I was too lazy to move anywhere out of Korcula-Lumbarda-Zrnovo triangle. Also, to be honest, the club music is not something that would motivate me to travel … As this year they plan to include some visual art, I am planning to go and visit the Festival during the summer – I just hope their programme is updated so I can plan my trip well in advance.

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