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Stonemasonry on Korcula island

Korcula and Stone Masonry


The skills of stone masonry and stone cutting are Korcula’s heritage developed for hundreds of years, dating back from the times when Illyrians were inhabiting this area. In Pupnat and on the island of Majsan (Korcula archipelago) are still to be found remains of simple dry-stone dwellings and walls built by Illyrians. There are various stone quarries on the island. Most of them are around villages Lumbarda and Zrnovo. Famous ones are located on the Island of Vrnik, where strong stone masonry tradition exist in families for generations. ?In all these places local people still dig out large blocks of stones to build and repair their houses and walls, as well as to pave their gardens, patios, and streets.

Photos of stone-masonry and stone craft around the island:

Stonemasons currently working in Korcula:

  • http://www.klesarstvo-antunica.com/