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Sinking boat, sinking feeling in the waters of the Adriatic

A really good article, written by visitor to Hvar Island about his account of an ill-fated boat trip, has won this week’s Telegraph‘s travel writing competition. Here is an excerpt:

“Clueless about boats, uneducated about engines and ignorant about winds and tides, we attempted to drift our way to a secluded beach on the islands…. Beach hopping had been the original plan. However, as the land remained a distant prospect, we decided to settle for any place where we could dock and make a phone call..”

After reading the article, all I can say is they are lucky to be alive. I also hope this article is warning to any adventurous types who decide, while on holidays in Korcula, to go for boat trip on their own. My advice is: do not do it, use local taxi boats instead. And if you HAVE to do it (??) make sure you always stay close to the shores, within archipelago, and don’t go to the open sea.

Click here or on above image to read the whole article.

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