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Short intro to Korcula’s past and present


Another article has been published in todays Observer, covering basic info about recently renovated Lesic-Dimitri palace in Korcula.  The reason to mention is here is that article starts with paragraph that I find effective as brief introduction to Korcula’s past and present :

Since the Greeks started flocking here in the sixth century BC, the island of Korcula has been one of the hottest destinations on the Dalmatian coast. Over the years, this picturesque spot midway between Split and Dubrovnik has played host to rampaging hordes of Romans, Goths, Slavs and Austro-Hungarians. For the Venetians, who ruled it on and off throughout the Middle Ages, Korcula was an important outpost on the spice route.
Nowadays, visitors tend to arrive on enormous cruise liners instead of galleys. Korcula has its share of souvenir shops and overpriced restaurants, yet its vibrant character remains intact and you can still wander the slender streets of the beautiful old town and imagine yourself in medieval times…

Find out more  – Read the rest of the article here

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