Replica of Marco Polo’s Galleon in Korcula

There is some recent news coming from Korcula’s Marco Polo Center about possible beginning of project of building replica of Marco Polo’s Galleon, which would be permanently displayed in Korcula Town.

The galleon is supposed to be similar one as Marco Polo was using during the Battle of Korcula back in 1298.
Apparently, the Marco Polo?s Galleon is supposed to be displayed within the space of future Museum of Marco Polo in Korcula.

Future Museum of Marco Polo in Korcula, which will be located within the space of House of Marco Polo in Korcula Old Town, is project that is already accepted to be financed by Croatian State Budget for year 2006.

There will be more news about possible future of this project after 17.12.05 when are we expecting more details to be announced…

For more info about Korcula and Marco Polo check this link

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