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Punta Jurana


Punta Jurana is an area in Korcula Town that includes a stretch of the coast/pier from Plokata to Borak called Obala Korculanskih Brodograditelja. The area features several cafes, nice ice-cream places, a bus station, water taxi dock, taxi station, and local ACI marina too. This is also a popular summer evenings promenade.

The ‘important’ feature of Punta Jurana is Tablun – a long and narrow bench that is located next to the Tri Sulara passage, on the little plateau of Punta Jurana. On that bench, every afternoon (weather permitting) a number of old(er) local man has their regular meeting point to discuss anything they didn’t discuss at their morning session on Plokata Square.

Very nice place to sit on Punta Jurana are steps that lead to that plateau and to a small passage leading to Plokata. It has good views on passing by traffic, people and boats at the marina. I take every opportunity to do that whenever I can.

In the 19th century, Punta Jurana was a shipbuilder’s paradise (see below photos) – that was the time when there were no roads or cars just beautiful boats and their creators.

Another feature of this area is Tri Sulara (Three Balconies), a well-known balcony that is featured in the popular Dalmatian folk song ” I tri sulara su, i tri sulara su, na Puntu Jurana, na Puntu Jurana …”. The song is about three beautiful sisters that were sitting on these three balconies and local guys were coming there to sing serenades below a woman’s balcony at night.

A Selection of Holiday Apartments to let in Punta Jurana:


Photos of Punta Jurana