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Panorama of Prizba

Prizba is area covering stretch of land on Korcula Island‘s southern shores close to the Blato, Smokvica , Brna and Istruga. It faces open sea and Lastovo Island as well as Islets Cerin, Stupa, Crklica, Sridnjak and Vrhovnjak . Prizba consist of two bays : Vela and Mala Prizba that are formed on both sides of small peninsula that has smallish pebble beach.

Itwas bay with no any houses in it until recently, since tourist boom in this area, when Prizba got a lot of summer houses built by inhabitants of Blato village. These houses are adjusted for holiday rental of apartments as well as villas and private rooms. There are couple of cafes, restaurants and shops in Prizba as well as Apartments Priscapac, located on small peninsula just off Prizbabays.

It takes about 45 min drive from Korcula Old Town to Prizba. There are two main roads to reach Prizba – one is via Smokvica and Brna, then along the sea to Prizba. Other route is via Blato and then, once in Blato, turn left and just follow road sign to Priba.There is also a regular bus service from/ to Korcula Town and Vela Luka that passes through Blato , which is the nearest spot to reach Prizba (5 km away). An infrequent bus service runs from Blato to Prizba, schedules to be checked.


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Location Map of Prizba:

Prizba - Korcula island
Location GPS coordinates: 42.906541, 16.799683

Bus schedule :

From Korcula Town to Blato : weekdays 04.10; 06.40; 10.15; 14.10; 15.00; 18.30
Saturdays 04.10; 06.40; 10.15; 15.00; 18.30
Sundays 06.30; 07.45; 15.00; 18.30

Bus departures from Vela Luka to Blato: weekdays 05.15; 06.30; 10.00; 13.35; 16.00; 18.00
Saturdays 05.15; 06.30; 13.35; 16.00; 18.00
Sundays 05.15; 13.30; 16.00; 18.00