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Peljesac Bridge evaluation study


A study to evaluate the effects of construction of Peljesac Bridge in the context of economic, transport and demographic changes of Peljesac Peninsula , Korcula , Mljet and its surrounding area, has been presented today at Hotel Villa Argentina in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

According to the projections on which the study is based,  Peljesac Bridge is going to improve the employment rate in the whole area. The expected employment rate is to reach the European standards by 2020.

For the period 2012 to 2020 it is expected that Peljesac Peninsula and Island of Korcula will see a 7% increase of economic growth – the increase in value of the goods and services produced by local economy.

As property (real estate) prices in the whole area have doubled and tripled (depending on location) in last few years (from 50 Euro per m2 to 200-300 Euros), better transportation facilities will influence an already positive trend of increasing property prices to continue.

Once Peljesac Bridge is finished, the current demographic trends (changes in demographics in a local population over time) will change too. The trend of continuous decrease of local population, caused by the natural and economic migrations will not continue, moderate rise in population growth of whole region is expected .

The improved rate of immigration is also expected – about 200 people per year are going to move into the area soley due to the improved quality of life, initiated by Peljesac Bridge construction.

The study was financed by Croatian Minstry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development and researched by departments of transport and economics of University of Zagreb. More on Peljesac Bridge Evaluation Study

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