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Peljesac Bridge Construction Plans

According to Jutarnji List, a Croatian daily newspaper, the architectural construction plans for Peljesac Bridge, the future second largest bridge in Europe, were last week completed by The Institute for the Bridges of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering.

In accordance with the latest agreement between Croatia and Bosnia, the bridge will be a suspension and girder bridge that is 55 meters high above the sea surface.

The bridge will be 2300 metres long, supported with 10 pillars, each built at 180 metres apart.

Two middle pillars, with a height of 170 metres and a span of 568 meters, will be supporting the bridge with steel poles.

To keep the whole structure in proportion, the width of the bridge will be 20 metres, allowing space for 4 driving tracks.

Besides the construction of the bridge, there will be a construction of accessing roads at both sides of the bridge, including 2 tunnels on Peljesac (one 2170 metres and other 450 metres long) as well as two smaller bridges on Peljesac, (one 500 m and another 50 meters long).

The beginning of the construction is expected to start in early summer 2007 and will last 3 to 4 years.

Estimated cost: 200-220 million euros.

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3 Responses to “Peljesac Bridge Construction Plans”

  • Nikola

    I hope the motorway A1 will be put on the bridge. It seems logical, if the bridge is going to have 4 lanes.
    I send my proposal to the Croatian Ministry of transportation. We could build the motorway on Peljesac: it would be only about 9 km longer. But we woudn’t have to pay toll to Bosnia. So we economize. Moreover we could build parts of the 24 km stretch on Peljesac as a single carriageway with preparation works for the other one.

  • Jani

    My question is will Bosnians be able to use the bridge? Or will it just pass along without touching Bosnian land?

  • edita

    The Bridge is supposed not to touch Bosnian territory.

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