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Olive Oil Shop in Korcula

Olive Oil Shop in Korcula:


Above photo: Oil Shop ‘Uje’ in Korcula

On the main square Plokata, just off the Korcula Old Town, the Olive Oil shop ‘Uje’ offers selection of local olive oil in variety of packagesThis shop is an ideal place to get to grips with Korcula’s growing reputation for top-quality olive oil as well as to buy a gift or souvenir from you visit to Korcula. Some of the oil sold in this shop are made from the famously polyphenol-rich Lastovka olives that are unique to Korcula. Try also unique olive oil that is made from olives that have been preserved the traditional way (soaked in seawater) rather than sent straight to the presses and has a highly individual taste.


Olive oil shop front – Korcula