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Lumbarda – New walking path along the sea from Lumbarajsko Racisce bay to Koludert

The construction work is currently going on the new pedestrian pathway in Lumbarda. The new pathway will connect Lumbarajsko Racisce bay and Koludert

This new pathway will enable pedestrians to reach Koludert (the center of  Lumbarda) from Lumbarajsko Racisce bay without any interruption from cars or any other vehicles (check below map):

Along the path, across the islet of Vrnik in Skoji Archipelago, there will be additional swimming and sunbathing areas arranged too.

For evening walkers, public lighting will also be installed, so this new seashore stretch is expected to be a popular strolling route after dark.

This new pathway is expected to be completed and fully functional by Summer 2012.

The project is financed by the Lumbarda municipality.

2 Responses to “Lumbarda – New walking path along the sea from Lumbarajsko Racisce bay to Koludert”

  • martin

    i thought this work was complete, im sur ive walked it

  • Natural

    Looking at the photo of the new pathway, I believe it is the ugliest construction imaginable. Why do you destroy the beauty of your island. I walked that way to Lumbarda center and there is nothing wrong with it. You are actually covering the beauty of the stones. You have been noted for your stone craftmanship and look at the way you are doing it. I have known this area as a haven for tourists who enjoy sitting in peace and enjoy the tranquility of the bay. Dont you think it is more interesting to walk along the natural beauty of the bay instead of walking on a cement blob. You have broken my heart. If you continue your project you should at least introduce in it your beautiful stone craftmanship. What is wrong with having a pedestrian path on the mainroad.

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