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Korcula Town Museum


Korcula Town Museum (Gradski Muzej Korcula) is located at St Mark’s Square facing Cathedral Sveti Marko.

The Museum is housed in Gabrielis palace which was built in the 15th and 16th centuries. It is 3 storey building with a basement and attic.

Museum has various collections covering Korcula’s history and culture from Ancient history to nowadays. Due to lack of available space, some of the museum objects (such as archaeological, ethnological, photography and some other collection) are currently not on display.

Address: GRADSKI MUZEJ KORCULA (Korcula Town Museum), Trg Sv. Marka bb, Korcula – tel. 020/711 420

Exhibits in Korcula Town Museum:

Lumbarda Psephism and Ancient Greece

Lumbarda Psephism and Ancient Greece - click to see large images

An important display is a stone tablet called ‘the psephism from Lumbarda‘ (4th century BC). This is stone plaque, written in ancient Greek is the oldest written document found on the territory of Croatia. Psephism (Gr. Antiq.): A proposition adopted by a majority of votes; especially, one adopted by a vote of the Athenian people; a statute.

Lumbarda Psephism and Ancient Greece exhibit in Korcula Museum include: Ancient Greek Amphoras / Greek pottery / Lumbarda Psephism (detail) / Lumbarda Psephism (in situ) / Pottery – Ancient Greece

Renaissance Architectural Carvings and Coats of Arms Exhibits

Renaissance Architectural Carvings and Coats of Arms Exhibits

Renaissance Architectural Carvings and Coats of Arms Exhibits in Korcula Museum include Architects Coat of Arms / Baroque Coat of Arms / Bunar Andrijic – Coat of Arms / Coat of Arms / Coat of Arms – click on these links to see large photos.

Shipbuilding Exhibits


Shipbuilding Exhibits in Korcula Museum include: Old Timer Ship Models / Ship Models / Shipbuilding artefacts / Shipbuilding Bench Vices / Shipbuilding drills / Shipbuilding Saws / Shipbuilding tools and drawings / Shipbuilding yard

Typical Korcula House Exhibits


Typical Korcula House Exhibits in Korcula Museum include: Doorknock / Kitchen Furniture / Kitchen Items / More kitchen artefacts / Portrait of Cardinal Boschi / Various artefacts from typical Korcula house

Art Exhibits : Sculpture, Drawings, Paintings …


Art Exhibits in Korcula Museum includes sculptures and Reliefs by Ivo Lozica, various drawings and paintings by local artists – some exhibits are: Drawing of Korcula Old Town Entrance / Drawing of St Mark Square / Shipyard Painting / Women – Ivo Lozica Sculpture / Sculptor Ivo Lozica in his atelier …

More photos of various exhibits are in the Photo Gallery of Korcula Town Museum (update: link removed as the gallery is moving to other location)

Map of Korcula Town Museum:


Location of The Museum:

Korcula Town Museum

Coordinates: 42.961507, 17.135928

Museum Reated Info:

 Korcula Statute 1214Large Print of Statute of Korcula Town from 1214, Croatia – Large print of Korcula Statute from 1214, displayed at Korcula Town Museum is the latest addition to our Korcula Photo Library. About Korcula Town Statute: Korcula Statute is an important legal document from the 13th century that covers the laws of Korcula city and the island of Korcula. It belongs to a group of oldest Slav legal documents too.

The Statute, like a book (compilation) of laws, was passed in 1214, but the only preserved version that is available is from 1265. Various amendments and annexes are added to the statute continuously until the 16th century. The oldest part of the Statute was written in Latin which was later translated into the Italian Language… read more

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