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More lodgers at our house – Scouts from Belgium

i was doing some work around midnight last night when suddenly, somebody called from the street saying : “hello, have you got any place to accommodate us it’s 22 of us – we are scouts from belgium doing island hopping in croatia and we need to stay somewhere tonight…”

when i came to the gate, to my surprise, it was really 22 young persons at my doorstep, together with their rucksacs and sleeping bags, wearing full scout uniforms.

i quickly made decision and offered them my patio/garden as instant free accommodation solution.

they accepted it πŸ™‚

following morning while they were still sleeping, i took these photos as proof our house is indeed doing well in terms of “sobe – zimmer- rooms- apartments” business πŸ˜‰




3 Responses to “More lodgers at our house – Scouts from Belgium”

  • Hannes

    Hi there,

    as a former german boy scout I just wanted to drop a note, how kindhearted I think that was.

    Jeden Tag eine gute Tat πŸ˜‰


  • B. K. Blesh

    If we show up with our RV will you have a parking space for us?

    What a lovely thing you did for the Scouts!


  • edita

    @B. K. Blesh – sure πŸ™‚

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