Mljet National Park Excursion Tour from Korcula – Day Trip


Day trip excursion tour from Korcula to Mljet National Park is a all day excursion tour from Korcula to Mljet, an island which is one of the Croatian National Parks.

The Island of Mljet is situated couple of hours boat ride east from Island of Korcula towards Dubrovnik. Mljet National Park includes a western part of this green and tranquil island.  The Park is characterized by two deep bays which are called lakes due to their narrow passages to the open sea (Veliko and Malo jezero/ the Great Lake and the Small Lake). Both lakes are surrounded by dense Mediterranean vegetation. There is a tiny island in one of the lakes, called Melita (Mljet) with 12th century Benedictine monastery. There are a lot of legend connected with this island – one of them is that Mljet was holiday destination of greek hero Ulysses!

The trip to Mljet starts at 9am and return in Korcula is at 6 pm. Day trip from Korcula to Mljet can be done either by fast speedboat or by ‘ordinary’ boat. It runs every day in high season, otherwise on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

PRICES for this trip to Mljet are:

PRICES includes: guided tour by licensed guide, entrance fees to National Park Mljet and transfers as well as escorted journey to/from Korcula and MljetContact us to book Mljet National Park day trip

The National Park Mljet was established in early sixties of last century. It covers about 30 square kilometers of area on the western bit of Island MLJET, which is about 1/3 of the Island. It consist of two natural salt lakes (Veliko and Malo jezero) that are interconnected by a narrow channel. Veliko jezero ( Large Lake) covers the area of 1,5 square kilometers. Malo Jezero (Small Lake) is about 1/4 of square kilometers. The salinity of the water in the lakes is bit lower than in the sea, due to intake of fresh waters. The temperature of the Lakes is usually higher then open sea temperatures for about 4 degrees Centigrade. Due to these details, Veliko and Malo Jezero are popular places for visitors to swim in. Both lakes are surrounded with dense old pine forest. In the middle of Veliko Jezero there is a little island called Melita where Benedictine monastery is located. Walking and cycling are allowed all around National Park Mljet. Some parts of the Nationa Park can be reached by car too. National Park Mljet offers a lot of silence and numerous isolated spots to be enjoyed. Check here for Rules of national park Mljet

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