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Mljet to Korcula

Mljet is 28 km away from Korcula. The best, easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to get to Korcula from Mljet is by fast passenger ferry (30 minutes). If you are a foot passenger, take a direct fast passenger (catamaran) ferry from the Pomena (Mljet). If you are diving from Mljet to Korcula, there are two car ferries you have to use, one from Sobra to Prapratno (Peljesac) and another one from Orebic to Korcula and drive in between. There are no flights, trains, or buses connecting these two islands.

How to get from Mljet to Korcula and Korcula to Mljet

The important things to keep in your mind regarding this transport are as follows:

Direct Passenger Ferries from Mljet to Korcula

Passenger ferry catamaran on route Korcula - Mljet
Passenger ferry catamaran on the route from Mljet to Korcula

Driving & Car Ferries + Bus

Car ferry from Mljet to Prapratno and drive to Korcula
Car ferry to and from Mljet

Indirect travel via Prapratno on Peljesac or via Dubrovnik is available all year round:

If you are driving (traveling by car), take the car ferry from Sobra to Prapratno, drive across the Peljesac Peninsula to Orebic, and from there take a car ferry from Orebic to Korcula (Domince) (see map below)

If you are a foot passenger, a year-round travel option for Sobra (Mljet) via Prapratno to Korculatake a ferry from Sobra to Prapratno and from Prapratno, get a bus to Orebic or Korcula.
Take the morning ferry, not the afternoon one, as buses stop in Prapratno at 4 pm.
Once you arrive in Prapratno, just walk for 15 minutes up the hill to the small cafe ‘Bela Vista’ where a bus stops on its way from Dubrovnik to Orebic or Korcula. (see views from the cafe) (see the below map)

Via Dubrovnik

This is also all year round travel option for Mljet via Dubrovnik to Korcula for foot passengers – this route is a much longer travel time but can be good for people who would like to spend morning or afternoon in Dubrovnik and from there take a daily ferry or bus to Korcula.
Ferries from Mljet to Dubrovnik are Polace to Dubrovnik , Pomena to Dubrovnik and Sobra to Dubrovnik.
See also getting from Dubrovnik to Korcula article for details.

Korcula to Mljet

If you are traveling from Korcula to Mljet, then you have two options:

If you are traveling as a foot passenger, take a fast catamaran ferry to Pomena or Sobra. It takes only 30 to 45 minutes to reach your destination.

If you are traveling by car (driving), take the car ferry from Korcula (Domince) to Orebic, drive across the Peljesac Peninsula to Prapratno, and from there take the car ferry to Sobra on Mljet island (details above).

The alternatives are private transfers, water taxis, or taxis. Taxi will use the same route as described for driving as there is no other car route available. A water taxi can be faster, however, weather permitting!

Here is a map that shows all the travel options between these two islands:

Map of travel between Mljet and Korcula

The above map shows the travel route between Mljet and Korcula island. The car /driving route is available all year round while passenger catamaran routes are in service from April to October.

Important Note: All sailing and bus schedules are subject to change, so always check the latest schedule prior to departure.

By speedboat video:

If you are still unsure how to travel between Mljet and Korcula please post your question on our travel forum or email > discussions at Mljet Travel Forum

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