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Lumbarda – New walking path along the sea from Tatinja to Bilin Zal Beach


Work is going on at the new pedestrian pathway in Lumbarda, which will connect Lumbarda’s beaches Tatinja and Bilin Zal.

This new pathway will enable pedestrians to reach Beach Bilin Zal as well as Vela Przina Beach from the centre of Lumbarda without any interruption from cars or any other vehicles.

Along the path, across the islets of Knezic and Vlaka in Skoji Archipelago there will be additional swimming and sun bathing areas arranged.

For evening walkers, public lighting will also be installed, so this new sea shore stretch is expected to be a popular strolling route after dark.

This new pathway is expected to be completed and fully functional within next couple of months.

The project is financed by Lumbarda municipality.


This bit of the path is already finished.


Views towards Tatinja Beach from finished part of the path.

Click to see large panorama photo of Lumbarda beaches, Island of Korcula

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