Lucnjak islet, korcula archipelago

Lučnjak islet (pronounced ‘Loochnyak‘) belongs to Korcula archipelago Skoji, situated very close to the middle of the Peljesac Channel, between Badija and Orebic. It is a very small islet, with no particular features or beaches, but easy to access if you come here by boat. There are just a few large trees that offer natural shade. If you are visiting in summers, bring a parasol or/and hat. Good for fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving but make sure you stick to the shores as the channel, around this point, is pretty busy.

The islet got its name derived from ‘Luč‘ that means ‘beacon’. In medieval times the islet featured Channel’s beacons – large fires that were set up on its top position as a signal of landmass (danger) for passing by ships.

Lučnjak islet location

Lučnjak islet location (above photo) + see its location on the archipelago map.