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Visiting Lastovo from Korcula

lastovo village

The Island of Lastovo possesses all the basic characteristics of the Mediterranean climate dominated by mild, moist winters and warm, long and dry summers. The average annual temperature of the island is ca. 15C, while the average annual rainfall is 687 mm.

The air moisture of the island is ca. 70% only in July and August falls to 65%. The dominant winds are Jugo (warm, moist and steady) and Maestral (NW direction).

With its 46 small islands, 46 churches and chapels, 46 vineyards and surrounding sandbanks, is a genuine haven for lovers of nature, sailing, good food and wine, fishers who angle for tuna and other trophy fish.

After fifty years the island is open to tourists again. In addition to the beauty of its unspoiled nature, the island is famous for its carnival in which all the island residents participate by wearing beautiful folk costumes. Special tourist attractions of the island are the famous Lastovo chimneys that were once status symbols of old Lastovo families.

Hotels on Lastovo Island:

Hotel Solitudo
“Hotel Solitudo is situated in the small village of Pasadur and surrounded by a lush pinewood, beautiful natural beaches and a crystal-clear sea. Pasadur is located on one of the most stunning islands of Dalmatia.” Prices from 11 – Number of rooms: 72 – The Solitudo has been completely renovated recently. All rooms are equipped with a bathroom and air conditioning, and many feature balconies or terraces and a marvellous sea view. The beach is approximately 20 metres from the hotel, and another beach can be reached with the hotel’s boat – Check Hotel Solitudo, Ubli, Lastovo availability

More about the Island:

The island spreads over 50 square kilometres. Its dolomite valleys are located between limy hills and they often contain layers of red soil and quartz sand. The valleys are often surrounded by mild calcareous slopes rich in caves.

The coast-line is mainly steep and the surrounding sea is deep. Although the covers are sparse, yet the island has two deep bays. One of them, Skrivena luka (sheltered port), is situated on the southern part of the island, between the cape of Strizevo and the cape of Veljo more (great sea). Here the sea has made a deep cut into the land. The other bay formed by Veli Lago and Mali Lago connected by a narrow passage – Most (bridge) is located between Prizba and the main village.

village on lastovo

The island is rich in natural forests. Particularly various and lively is its underwater life. There are no richer fishing areas in the Adriatic than here, especially where small bluefish, lobsters and many kinds of high-priced food fish like John Dory and Grooper are concerned. On the island poisonous snakes simply don’t exist.

In the village of Lastovo, everyone can find something interesting for himself; there is the main church of Saints Kuzma and Damjan (St. Cosmas and Damian), with many valuable paintings and relics, which is open for sightseeing. It is a community centre with school, museum, ambulance, shops, cafe bars, etc.
Lastovo stairs made of stones, specific chimneys and Poklad Carnival Festival are especially interesting.

In the year 2000, the 1000th anniversary of the Lastovo village was celebrated.

The village is connected by 10 km road with a port of Ubli, where the petrol station for vehicles and yachts is stationed, a picture on the right…

British ruled with the island between 1813 – 1815 when it was ruled to be given to Austria-Hungary Empire until 1818 when it was given to Italy and after WW2 back to the mother country CROATIA…

There are two entrances to the Zaklopatica Bay. On the left side is a smaller entrance, suitable for small boats up to 0.8 m draft. The yachts and motorboats must use the bigger entrance on the right side.

Augusta Insula mini-marina Anchorage is safe even for bigger boats once inside the Zaklopatica bay. The water and electrical power supply are offered if necessary. See photos on the right…
Another Bay, Skrivena Luka, also known as Portorus is one of the biggest and the most beautiful bays on the island of Lastovo.

Skrivena Luka means Hidden Harbor, and it is true that the bay cannot be seen from the open sea. It is located on the southern pint of the island and is protected from the rough sea and strong winds. With 4m long road, the bay is connected with the village of Lastovo, 11m away is the port of Ubli.

It is the hottest place on the island, too, making it vulnerable to the forest fires. The pine forests were destroyed several times, but not completely, there is still nice vegetation intact, especially close to the sea coast. The lighthouse Struga (built 1839), one of the oldest on the Adriatic sea, is hovering over the bay, reminding us of the old times, when the sailboats and the steamboats were depending on it. There is a nice campsite in Skrivena Luka

Additional info:

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