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Korculanski Plivacki Klub – KPK Korcula – Korcula’s Swimming and Water Polo Club

Korcula Town has a long water polo tradition that dates back to the late 1920s. That was the time when Korcula’s students, reading their degrees at universities in larger places ( Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik…) discovered water polo as a fashionable new game and brought it with them to Korcula to play during their homestay at summer vacations. Quickly, water polo become popular in Korcula and become the prestigious sport of privileged Korcula’s middle classes.

Soon, this new game was accepted by kids from all Korcula backgrounds. At the time, there was no swimming pool in the town, so water polo was played at locations that were most suitable for players as well as spectators.


One of these locations was Korcula’s West Pier where a provisional water polo pool would be formed by means of a row of boats full of spectators from one side and piers’ edges with stools and seats at the other side of the piers. That was how the perfect structure of a water polo pool would be created for every one of these special occasions.

Another location that was used for matches, especially when strong western wind Maestral or Tramuntana was blowing was Korcula’s East Pier (see below right photo) which was suitable as that pier is sheltered from western winds.

water-polo-kpk-korcula water-polo-match-kpk-korcul

Some photos of KPK and its sportsman and women:

Andrija Depolo Gojko Arneri kpk-1935 kpk-1940 vinka-jericevic-swimmers-kp

KPK Anthem:

Kapeka na Vrnik gre,

Krca grize, kamenje

Kapeka na Vrnik gre

Krca Grize, kamenje

Za izgradi svoje plivaliste.

Udarnika imamo,

lincina ne tribamo.

Radimo po vas dan,

Ako treba noc i dan

Za izgradi rivu Kapeka.

Iz valova maistrala

Iz pine silokala

Na morskin grizma

A nasim silama

Podize se riva Kapeka

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