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Proizd Beach is the best beach in Croatia

proizd-map1.gifAccording to Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development of Croatia, the beach on small Proizd island situated in the near vicinity of Vela Luka , at the western coast of Island of Korcula, has been pronounced the best beach in Croatia in 2007.

This was announced few days ago at ” Turisticki cvijet – kvaliteta za Hrvatsku”- the annual gathering of Croatian tourist industry officials at the Korcula’s neighbouring Island of Brac.

The island of Proizd (according to Vela Luka Tourist Board )” is a small island only a half hours boat ride from Vela Luka town centre, is definitely the pearl of the area of Vela Luka, for the whiteness of its beaches, the turquoise sea and the scent of salty freshness leaves nobody indifferent! Numerous tourists from all parts of Europe stayed faithful to Vela Luka for years and they always return here drawn by this islands magical beauty. There is a small restaurant called Proizd right next to a small dock, offering local specialties, international cuisine and refreshing drinks and cocktails, all in a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere. Bili Boci are the three most beautiful beaches near Vela Luka, and are located on the northern side of the island. There are several walking paths leading to them. From here stretches a beautiful view of the island of Hvar and the open sea. This is where it all comes together – the power of the sea, the sun and nature and here is where the beauty of spending a holiday in Vela Luka becomes complete!”

Quality of the sea water at Island of Proizd:


Translation of terms used in left table:

Plaza = Beach, Datum = Date, Kakvoca Mora= Quality of Sea ,

More visoke kakvoce = High Quality Sea; More podobno za kupanje = Sea suitable for swimming; Umjereno onecisceno more = Sea Moderately Polluted; Jace onecisceno more = Polluted Sea.

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