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Korcula Photo in Sunday Times

Korcula in Sunday Times

While I was browsing through some old press cuttings, looking for something completely unrelated, I found this Sunday Times supplement cutting from 2004 where Korcula was featured as a main photo of the ‘Complete Croatia’ article .

This is an excerpt form the article:

CROATIA FOR ISLANDS: What Croatia does best, almost on a par with Greece, is islands. No two are alike, most having grown up in isolation from their neighbours. The way to enjoy them is to hop. It would take a whole, delightful summer to work your way down the chain, flying in to Pula or Rijeka in the north and home from Dubrovnik. On a more realistic time frame, you should fly into Split and work your way south along the Dalmatian archipelago. Here are the best stops along the way…
KORCULA: Roughly the size of the Isle of Wight, its main draw is the 14th-century walled Venetian town, supposedly the birthplace of Marco Polo (lots of De Polos live on the island today). There’s even a St Mark’s Cathedral, housing a Tintoretto, as well as an impressive collection of art in the Bishop’s Treasury, which boasts a Tiepolo….
Read the whole article here and see large scan of Sunday Times Korcula photo

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