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Parking in Korcula

Traffic sign in Sveti Nikola

Traffic sign in Sveti Nikola

UPDATE! Leave your car behind! Korcula town authority provides a system of free shuttle panorama cars. Details: https://www.korculainfo.com/korcula-old-town-free-shuttle/

I receive very often emails with questions about car parking in Korcula Old Town or in its surroundings. There are questions like ‘Is it possible to park in Korcula Old Town?” or ” Do we have to pay for our parking in Korcula?” so I am going to write a bit about that.

First of all, Korcula Old Town is located on a small peninsula. There are two main entrances to the Old Town and both are entrances via steps. Furthermore, all streets ( except one – Kala Dei Pensieri ( Reflection Street ) – hence the name) are very narrow and are made of steps, due to Korcula Old Town’s geographical position which is on a tiny (and hilly) peninsula, so I would say it would be impossible to drive through the Old Town even if it’s permitted. Narrow streets are created at the time because the space in the Old Town was (and still is) very scarce.

The rest of Korcula Town is built much later, so the streets are wider and traffic is permitted. One can park on the East and West pier of Korcula Town, as well as along some streets where parking is permitted. Most of the parking places are controlled by the local authority, and parking is charged on an hourly and daily basis.

I would recommend everybody not to come to Korcula by car, especially in the summer when parking, as well as traffic, can be a nightmare and can be difficult with parking restrictions.

There are a lot of ferry, catamaran, or bus connections to Korcula from Split, as well as from Dubrovnik and Orebic, and traveling and arriving by them is a much more pleasant and enjoyable way.

Once in Korcula, if you need a car or scooter for a day or two to drive around the island, you can always rent one with local rental agencies or instead go completely green and rent a bicycle and explore the island that way.

There is also a fairly good local taxi boat and taxi car service that one can use for ad-hoc needs.

Personally, I never drive a car on Korcula and instead, always use either bicycle, boat or local bus (public) transport.

It is a cheaper, greener, friendlier, and very often a faster way to get and travel around.

Surely, you don’t want to spend most of your day in Korcula looking for a parking place?!

Current parking prices:

  • Parking in the large garage in the Tommy shopping centre (marker 4 on below map), 10 min walk from the Old Town: 50 HRK per day or 250 HRK per month
  • Parking on the Obala Vinka Paletina street (marker 4 on below map) which is also a passenger ferry port, 3 min walk from the Old Town: 25 HRK per hour

Map of parking places in Korcula Town:

Map of Traffic and Parking around Korcula Old Town:


Map of Traffic and Parking around Korcula Old Town is part of the initial documentation of application for Korcula Old Town to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

As far as traffic and parking around Korcula are concerned, this map represents the current situation quite well and I thought sharing this map will be valuable information for visitors to Korcula Town.

Therefore, I decided to slightly modify the original map to adjust it to English-speaking visitors to Korcula and upload it here for all of you to share and use.

See also my article about parking in Dubrovnik

Some photos of parking in Korcula: